It’s been a while since we updated the BBQ news, and in that time, two new BBQ restaurants announced they’d be opening their doors.

The first is Hiatus BBQ, which appears to be Chipotle barbecued. You walk in and line up at the counter decorated with fake chords of wood, and first choose either a sandwich, plate, or (it bothers me to say this but…) a salad. Then, you decide what goes on your choice, with four “proteins” available: shredded chicken, pulled pork, sliced brisket, and (oh, no) grilled vegetables. Four types of slaw are available: creamy brussel, cruncy ramen, kale & apple, and bleu cheese, and a range of toppings are too, from pickles to salted egg. Sides include baked beans, apples, honey butter, and bacon jam, and the lone desert is a smoked chocolate chip  cookie, which sounds sneakily delicious. Hiatus opened a few weeks ago, and early reports are that everything comes sauced and sliced brisket is not sliced; it’s shredded.

Plate of (18-hour) Smoked Brisket & Chicken with Brussel slaw, pickles and spicy peppers via Max S. on Yelp.

Plate of brisket & chicken with brussel slaw, pickles and jalepenos via Max S. on Yelp.

The second hasn’t opened yet, but should be by June. Rob Serritella from Messhall is behind the project which will replace the Louise’s Trattoria in Santa Monica. Holy Cow, as it will be named, plans on having a ranch/cowboy vibe and the tagline “hang out or take out”. The logo reads “slow smoked goodness” and let’s pray to the meat gods that the Westside can finally get some.

Hiatus BBQ
1292 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Holy Cow BBQ (coming in June)
264 26th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90402